A crash course on effective laziness

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I feel quite lazy to find the best intro to this piece, I’d just lazily get to the crux of the matter. The writing of this article even took a lazy approach from the title (which I got from a book I read five years ago and which best expresses my ideas), to the proofreading (which was done by my close friends), and down to the publication (lol) because I didn’t have much time and also because some were just beyond me.

I remember attending an executive orientation by someone I’d refer to as brother, since then his instructions about…

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In search for a new developer role, I found myself building various projects just to scale through multiple interviews. One in particular was a Laravel project that included a specific instruction to display both build status and code coverage report as badges in my readme.md file.

I searched for help online but couldn’t find any that gave the full guide to solving this problem, most only provided solutions for build status while ignoring the code coverage aspect. I had to figure this out and time was running out.

This below is what I intended to achieve and I would be…

On February 2018 my interest in embedded systems began after reading couple of articles on the topic and discussing with some friends of mine that had an idea on it. That been the case nothing really caught my interest than when I saw that JavaScript, a language I was very familiar with, was also in the embedded space through NodeJs( Server side JavaScript)

In the article I would be showing you how I used the Raspberry Pi 3, NodeJs, Pir sensor to create a monitoring system. …

Nwachukwu Chibuike

Full-stack developer, technical writer and lover of Jamstack. Passionate about lifelong learning.

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