I’ll show how, using JavaScript, I built a Chrome extension that tracks messages on WhatsApp chats and replies to them with my supplied responses. Sounds untrue? Well, you are not alone, I thought so myself until I built it. Let’s begin!

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In case you are only interested in the final…

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has refined the way we think about styling web components and has been greatly adopted by industry players, companies, and developers.

In this article, I will be showing how to use Tailwind CSS with our favourite cross-platform mobile framework: React Native! …

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Oftentimes, we create mongoose models, start-up our servers, and never bother to test if the models actually work independently from the server as they should.

This article will show how to unit test your Mongoose model using Jest.

Installing Dependencies

We would set up a basic project containing our model and test…

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In this article, I show how to set up postman collection to automatically include an authorization token when making requests to secured endpoints.

Edit Collection

Firstly, I am assuming you have already created a collection. I created one called medium. Next we proceed to edit this collection. …

With the rate of technological advancement taking place in this century, we are always finding new ways to automate our tasks and make our lives better. Chatbots help us reduce our dependence on our manual ways of communication and also challenges our preconceived way of implementing solutions.

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What is a ChatBot?

In its mere…

There is no single and accurate test for knowledge, however, every organization must prepare its own process to vet and hire talents. …

A crash course on effective laziness

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I feel quite lazy to find the best intro to this piece, I’d just lazily get to the crux of the matter. The writing of this article even took a lazy approach from the title (which I got from a book I read five years ago and which best expresses…

A guide I wished I had

In search of a new developer role, I found myself building various projects just to scale through multiple interviews. One, in particular, was a Laravel project that included a specific instruction to display both build status and code coverage report as badges in my readme.md file.

I searched for help…

On February 2018 my interest in embedded systems began after reading couple of articles on the topic and discussing with some friends of mine that had an idea on it. …

Nwachukwu Chibuike

Full-stack developer, technical writer and lover of Jamstack. Passionate about lifelong learning.

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